Athena Day Program
Athena Day Program is 100% Community Based.  The program's foundation is built upon a mixture of functional life skills and community based socialization to teach the participants to be as independent as possible.  The weekly schedule is designed around each individual's interests and goals.

The groups are a combination of individuals that have ADC and Behavior Management needs.  The staffing ratio is 1 staff (Life Skills Coach) to 3 participants with an emphasis on team work within the group.   

The 3 Main Components

1) Education - budgeting, reading skills, street safety, resume building, emergency procedures, stranger danger are among some of the topics that may be a part of the individual's schedule. 

2) Nutrition and Physical Exercise - Each  group has discussions regarding making good nutritional choices.  Each group participates in physical exercise that matches the abilities of the individuals in the group.  

3) Community Service - Each group volunteers 2-3 days per week at a community volunteer site.  The site is picked by the individual's in the group based on their interests.  

Athena also offers SEEDS class at least 2 times a month.  Self Esteem Education and Development in Sexuality.  


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